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basheer 05-07-2010 05:03 AM

GSM mobile internet connection using wvdial
Hello, I'm from India and I use tata docomo as my carrier. I have activated GPRS and many people say that it works perfectly on a laptop with Windows. But I don't use windows. My service provider has not provided us with a username and a password. It works fine without these on the mobile and a laptop with windows. But when I use it on ubuntu 9.10 with wvdial, it exits saying required username and password. How do I overcome this problem. Please help.

b0uncer 05-07-2010 05:59 AM

Try giving it blank username and password, i.e.

Username = " "
Password = " "

in wvdial configuration.

If that doesn't help, post your current wvdial configuration (if there are some things you shouldn't show publicly, replace them with something like *hidden* to show you've set them but don't want to reveal them -- obviously username and password are such things, but not in this case if you don't need them). I don't use wvdial with a gprs/3g modem currently, so my help is a little limited, but posting the configuration may help others to help you.

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