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streams &dragonflies 07-13-2008 10:21 PM

Gnome Apt, Debian pkg search, synaptic, apt-get each is best for what?
Hi again,
I am getting to understand things slowly as time goes by but I just discovered Gnome Apt! I can see it's usefulness for updating whole repositories like medibuntu and 3rd party repositories but I am still a little too unsure to try it so I don't botch things up in my system. Like getting duplicate libraries and repos. which I have done. I am still not well versed in Debian package search either, as some packages just din't install when I tried and I don't know why. So far cutting and pasting exact commands advised in apt-get seem usefull and synaptic for the main repositories but I was surprised to find out that updates in synaptic didn't cover everything as when I did my first apt-get update today-to clear up duplicate pkgs. for one!

Can someone point me to a link to a guide explaining of what each package tool is best for and how often to use it. Then there is the Add/Remove for Apps. as well, I kind of see the overlaps and how one thing is via gui and the other is command line... I wonder if anyone uses all of these or do most people just stick to the traditional command line and synaptic.

This is my "question period"- trying to figure out a big chunk before I do "major" installations on various computers with the new Hardy too! And they are for people who won't care to understand how linux works or new to it and just want to try it as desktop/browser so I'm getting ready...
Thanks in advance!

Sjonnie48 07-14-2008 03:41 PM

There is no best installer, only a best solution for specific demands:

apt-get is very useful for installing packages from the repository.

dpkg is useful for installing downloaded .deb packages.

I have no experience with synaptic.

There is yet a fourth program which you may like to use: rpm, which is useful for installing downloaded .rpm packages.
However care is necessary with rpm to avoid dependency conflicts.

For more knowledge google apt-get, aptitude, synaptic and rpm. You'll be amazed by Google's output.

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