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freakaxel 10-30-2009 08:21 PM

Get (K)(U)buntu 9.10!

I'm not sure if I should post this here, if so, move thread pleace

-----End of Note------

So the buntu family is out as probably all of you know. It's was kind of long for us (people at my school and I) to get the 9.10 versions of our OSs but we finally got them!

Since the download mirrors are crowded we decided to put Ubuntu and Kubuntu (both 9.10 versions) in our web page, later, after negotiating with the school, we're going to try to make a new repository in Canada . By now we can only offer a new link to download the distros.


I'll come visit this thread if you have any questions


simonwil 11-03-2009 02:45 PM

i too am in canada and buntu dowloads are painful here especially as i am used to the uk canocal speeds but i have found bittorrent faster

when the download mirrors are crowed , like when the new distro gets released ,this is when bit-torrent comes in to its own....then more people that have the iso the faster it gets .....bit-torrent downloads usually slow after the release has aged a little because people are not downloading and sharing it or just deleted it

freakaxel 11-03-2009 08:15 PM

Totally true, the first thing I did after getting Kubuntu 9.10 was to download the torrent of Xubuntu, but only because I was already home by then.

In my school we can't use torrents, if we try the Internet shuts down. It's some sort of automated task to avoid broadband leeching :S. So when not in home I'm stuck with the mirrors

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