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cyberoctopus 09-17-2005 06:04 AM

Dual boot install starts only windows not ubuntu
Thanks for reading.

I am trying to install ubuntu 5.04 alongside windows ME. I have two hard drives, one (IBM 20GB) I have configured as the primary master which boots to win ME and the other (Seagate 8GB) I have set up as the primary slave and am trying to use for ubuntu.

I used the disk image to install, and the first part of this process seemed to work perfectly. :rolleyes:

When configuring partitions I chose the option allowing ubuntu to use the entire slave drive.

When grub loaded it identified win ME as the other available OS and I allowed grub to be installed (or so I thought) on the primary master boot sector.

On rebooting as part of the install process grub did not appear to be loaded and the machine booted straight into windows as before.

Selecting the other drive as the first boot drive in BIOS and indeed unplugging the windows disk has had no effect.

As a new linux user I am not sure whether I have messed up ubuntu or grub here but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your interest. I look forward to getting to use ubuntu.

Frenzy56 09-17-2005 11:21 AM


I had a similar problem with Ubuntu on 5.4, althoughI am using XP. The grub bootloader for some reason would not load. I did not have much sucess with the board on finding a solution. What I did was upgrade to 5.10 and it has worked liked a champ. Try using 5.10 and as I am sure you did make sure you identify the right drive (HDb).


cyberoctopus 09-17-2005 12:07 PM

I'll try 5.10.

Thanks for your advice.

futurist 09-20-2005 02:13 AM


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