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rozilla 12-24-2006 06:33 PM

dapper install: monitor goes into no-signal and won't come back
i've been using ubuntu for like a couple of months now. i had it on an old Dell desktop. now

i got a new pc:

Mercury PVCLE266M-L motherboard with VIA C3 CPU onboard.
This motherboard integrates the VIA CLE266 Northbridge and 8235 Southbridge chipsets that support DDR 266MHz, Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133 function.


Display adapters: VIA/S3G CLE266
Onboard VGA. Integrates a 128-bit 3D/2D graphics engine that clocks up to 133MHz decoupled from memory clock, and a high-performance 3D accelerator.

Samsung SV0411N 40GB harddisk and 256MB RAM

i put in my dapper cd and choose Start/Install ubuntu, then the installation starts. usually

after all the loadings done the screen goes black and is then supposed to show the busy icon or the X icon to load the gui, right? well, in this case the screen goes black and right into that no-signal standby mode. what i mean is normally when i shutdown my pc and leave the monitor on, the LED indicator goes from steady green to blinking orange.
it's this same blinking orange i get when the gui is supposed to start loading.

the CD-ROM drive light stays on, tho and there's activity in the drive, plus the HDD light blinks, showing that there's still stuff going on. so i don't get why my monitor pretends like my pc has just been shutdown.

i tried in safe graphics mode, and that didn't help either. same issue.

DragonSlayer48DX 12-25-2006 08:48 AM

Try turning off the monitor, wait 5 seconds after the light goes completely out, then turn it back on. Your display should then be restored. If not, you may have a compatibility issue with your new PC and Dapper's video drivers.

prolin 08-08-2007 09:23 AM

re:dapper install: monitor goes into no-signal and won't come back
This may be a bit late, but just in case you can still use a possible solution. Your monitor may not be supporting the resolution Ubuntu is trying to use. Try CTRL + ALT + F1 ... F6 and see if it comes back. or Ctrl + Alt + Backspace.

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