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alaskazimm 07-24-2005 12:40 AM

Can't start emacs from shell
and I can't edit anything as root. When I start the shell and log in as root, I try to open a config file in emacs. But then I get this error message -

"Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: No protocol specified

emacs: Cannot connect to X server :0.0.
Check the DISPLAY environment variable or use `-d'.
Also use the `xhost' program to verify that it is set to permit
connections from your machine."

When I try to run xhost I get the same error message. I'm sure there is a config file that I need to set up but I don't know which one. I had this same problem in Slackware 10.1 which is why I'm trying Kubuntu 5.04 at the moment.

Thanks for the help ahead of time,

alaskazimm 07-24-2005 01:25 AM

D'oh! Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I post, the next webpage I read contains the answer.

Just sudo emacs <filename>

Simple when you know the answer.

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