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Thoddy 12-05-2009 06:02 AM

Bluetooth headset (Logitech), asound, pulseaudio, Skype, ...
I am trying to get my Logitech HS02-V08 headset to work with Linux. I am using some USB bluetooth dongle which is recognized and is able to connect to both my headset and my mobile phone. With the phone I can edit SMS, exchange pictures, edit contacts and so on. With the headset I can't do anything!? :scratch:

In the last releases of ubuntu I recognized some changes: alsa is no longer the preferred sound deamon? It is now pulseaudio!? What is the difference? Why has this changed?

Does anyone have any ideas how to actually use the bluetooth headset? It is connected, it is paired, but it is not usable as an audio (mic and speaker) device.

In Skype options I see two entries "rawbluetooth (bluetooth)" and "bluetooth (plug)". Both don't seem to do anything!

I somewhere read that it is a good idea to remove pulseaudio and install alsa for being able to get it all working with Skype. But it is not possible to remove pulseaudio without removeing a lot of GNOME stuff, applets and so on. So, currently I have some mixture of alsa and pulseaudio... which most probably is no good idea! :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance!!

PS: I seem to have the same problems using the mic of my Pihilips SPC900NC (USB) webcam! In Skype options I see an entry "USB Audio..." but I am not able to actually use it... :cry:

Thoddy 12-07-2009 12:50 PM

After cmpletely re-installing pulseaudio I can at least use the mic of my webcam. But still no chance to get the damn headset to work! :banghead:

I think it's simply not supported... :mad:

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