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TroN-0074 03-24-2012 09:25 AM

Anyone testing Ubuntu 12.04? what is new with it?
I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I am planning on upgrade. I wonder what is going to happen though, next month is the official release and don't know what to expect.

I heard Rhythmbox is back?
is there the choice to use Gnome 3 in the new release? I dont know if my hardware will have the power to run Unity so I need to plan the switch so I dont end up with an unusable desktop environment.

Anybody has any thoughts?

widget 03-24-2012 01:48 PM

I have 12.04 installed but I am testing Xubuntu.

You need to understand that Ubuntu is based on Gnome. Gnome3 is what Gnome is putting out so Ubuntu uses Gnome3. Unity is a plugin for Compiz, developed by Ubuntu to be the default desktop environment.

Gnome Shell, which was around when 10.04 was in testing, is the default DE for Gnome3.

You will be able to install Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 12.04. Many people on the Ubuntu+1 "testing" forum are using GS and seem to like it quite well.

The problem is that there are few testers, many "improvements" to Unity and the switch from Gtk2 to Gtk3 on top of everything else. I would not encourage anyone to upgrade until the release of 12.04.1 (first step release of the new LTS) which is scheduled for July 19th. They should have things pretty stable by then.

If your hardware will not support Unity there is Unity 2D which will automatically take over on your box. Some folks are using it and prefer it to Unity 3D.

Gnome Shell will have to be installed from the repo and then chosen at the login screen (session selector).

If you want to stick with a panel type DE I would check out Xubuntu 12.04 which is much more stable then Ubuntu 12.04 at this point.

Part of the reason is that Xfce4.8 is still using gtk2 and won't go to gtk3 until 4.10 is released. I think 4.10 will be in 12.10.

As a long time Gnome user I prefer the Xfce4.8 DE to the Gnome panels you are using now. I would not switch back to Gnome if they reinstated their panel DE.

Rhythmbox, as you say, is the default music player for Ubuntu 12.04. Banshee is just too buggy and they have had a lot of complaints.

snowpine 03-24-2012 02:02 PM

I recommend you thoroughly test-drive the 12.04 Live CD (rather than a blind upgrade) for compatibility with your hardware (and that you actually like it).

The Beta is available now if you want a preview:

fatmac 04-22-2012 01:06 PM

I've just been testing Lubuntu 12.04 beta2, & liked it, & have it installed on my new desktop (core i3); it also configured my usb wifi stick; major point in it's favour as far as I'm concerned. (Realtek 8192cu driver)

(Was running Debian squeeze 6.0.4; tried Lubuntu 11.10 live, but neither would setup my usb wifi.)

trpraveen 04-24-2012 08:08 PM

how to install ns2 in ubuntu 12.04 ?
can anyone help with the instructions to install ns2 on ubuntu 12.04 beta ???

many thanks

TroN-0074 04-24-2012 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by trpraveen (Post 4662238)
can anyone help with the instructions to install ns2 on ubuntu 12.04 beta ???

many thanks

I will suggest you crate a thread with that especific question. However I found this other entry in which it is suggested that ns2 didnt work on Ubuntu 11.10 so who knows if it works in 12.04 LTS Beta.

Here is the link for you to read more about it

Good luck to you.

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