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KickMeElmo 10-25-2011 01:11 PM

Alt+tab and dock effectively in "always on bottom" mode
Not sure what causes this. Switched to Ubuntu 11.10 recently, haven't worked out all the kinks. Basically, after a certain period of time with the system running, possibly after having something open in fullscreen mode, the dock and the alt+tab application switcher both appear under all applications, making them utterly useless unless I minimize everything just to be able to see them. The dock also appears to have stopped retracting. Any ideas? A restart fixes it, but only for so long.

EDIT: Running "unity --replace" seems to fix it, though it can still re-break.

WSmart 05-31-2015 01:20 AM

Well said

I get this same behavior in 14.04. You're code effectively bombs the desktop to login, ala ctrl-alt-backspace, for me, the unity –replace. Thanks for posting though. Not easy to find any information on this. I came up with that 'always on bottom' term which is great, but before that I had nothing.

Suspicious behavior; I have libreoffice nice priority set higher then stock, I run psensors at startup, I have the alarm-clock program running at startup and in the top panel with the date. Could be something associated with applications going full screen -I don't know.

Posting this mainly for the note about the above command causing an instant log out for me. We don't like run code out of the blue or in a careless way, but sometimes when the alt-tab switcher, dash and launcher are all basically invisible, disappeared, gone, “always on bottom' mode and you're trying to avoid having to log out yet another time......

Thanks all!

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