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LXer 01-27-2012 04:30 PM

LXer: ZaReason Alto 3880 Review: Fastest $1000 14
Published at LXer:

Not only does it ship with Linux, It's one of the most powerful 14" laptops available. At first glance, the Alto 3880 will not strike envy into the hearts of any. Like any standard PC laptop, itís dressed in glossy, molded plastic pieces. The design decisions here are almost certainly OEM driven as the laptop takes a 3-tone neutral color scheme that presents itself in a bit of an awkward way. The lid emulates a brushed metal look with an attractive ZaReason screen-print right in the center. This is the first of a couple nice touches on ZaReasonís behalf. If this unit is closed on your coffee table, your guests will probably ask you, ďWhatís a ZaReason?Ē. In this respect, I think itís quite effective. The brushed metal look for laptop lids is a little dated now, so this will not trend well in the vanity department.


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