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LXer 10-07-2010 02:00 PM

LXer: Xubuntu 10.10 RC 1 Mini Review
Published at LXer:

A Mini Review of Xubuntu 10.10 RC1. I downloaded Xubuntu 10.10 RC 1 just after it was announced, and I saved the ISO image on my external USB disk drive. Shortly thereafter I ran the image from Virtualbox OSE and I was very pleased with it. I figured that I would wait a little closer to release time, then install this software on one of my systems and upgrade it. Soon this will become released software. My initial impressions were that this was a fast, clean, reasonable balance between a full general purpose system and a light general purpose system. It is not the lightest, nor the fastest, nor the most complete, but it strikes a very good balance between all of these extremes. Moreover, it is just as easy in every way to install and use as its parent, Ubuntu, but instead of using GNOME on the desktop, it uses Xfce, and it provides a somewhat different set of default applications than Ubuntu.


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