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LXer 03-15-2008 07:40 AM

LXer: The REAL reason we use Linux
Published at LXer:

We tell people we use Linux because it's secure. Or because it's free, because it's customizable, because it has excellent community support... But all of that is just marketing bullshit. We tell that to non-Linuxers because they wouldn't understand the REAL reason.


rickh 03-15-2008 08:19 AM

Not bad ... The third responder's comment about users disparaging the CLI is spot-on

b0uncer 03-15-2008 08:38 AM


I hope LXer would not only post the beginning (a some sort of "teaser" for some twisted people?) of the story but also the conclusion. It feels stupid to read LXer's three-liner, think it's something worth reading, read the whole story and find out it's not what you thought it would be (yellow pages, anyone?).

I think these LXer posts would be of more use if they would compress the big story into a few lines (like they do already, but) so that the lines contained the idea of the story and the conclusion (if any) in a few words. Like here: "why do we really use Linux? for fun!"

I understand the present approach if LXer starts collecting money for reading the full stories, but as long as it's free, I don't see any reasons to "hide" the end of the story from a reader-in-hurry. Especially when some sites LXer provides a link to are awfully slow and horribly-looking.

Enough of that I suppose..all in all, this story was worth reading.

brianL 03-15-2008 08:58 AM

That article hits the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned.

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