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LXer 05-23-2006 05:21 AM

LXer: The Neverending Story: VIA & Open-Source
Published at LXer:

...yet another episode of the neverending story on VIA and its (lack of?) commitment to open-source. There's an article over at about VIA allegedly encouraging people to violate the GPL with some of their open-source releases. The person behind these claims is someone quite familiar: Luc Verhaegen who was one of the developers of the UniChrome driver project before it disintegrated. Luc has been the most pronounced critic of VIA's approach to open-source development and his comments and rants on a variety of forums and blogs are rather legendary. You can find his personal blog at [Hmmm... Is this yet another case of hardware vendors not supporting the FOSS community? Book 'em, Dano! We'll sort out the guilty-innocent issues shortly. - dcparris]


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