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LXer 12-01-2011 08:00 AM

LXer: Security: Linux, OS X, Unix and Malware (Viruses)
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I recently had the opportunity to look into the anti-malware world of Apple OS X. One of our clients moved to a new office in late October 2011. As part of this move they also moved from Microsoft operating systems and software to Apple OS X systems and software, making a clean break from all things Microsoft. While researching their question about anti-malware for OS X I found that the world of anti-malware for OS X is just as fraught with information and disinformation from Apple fans, Apple opponents and anti-malware vendors as the world of Linux seems to be at times with its fans and detractors. I came to the following conclusion which is paraphrased and expanded from the e-mail I sent our client.


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