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LXer 01-08-2013 04:12 AM

LXer: Plasma Active: stable, devel and bleeding edge
Published at LXer:

Every so many months we roll a new Plasma Active release. We've done three big releases so far and are working on a fourth for release in the early Spring. These releases are great for people using Plasma Active on a device or for device integrators looking to make a releasable product.If you want to stay on the leading edge, however, you can follow the devel repositories from the Open Build Service. This is fun as you get to see our work in near real-time. At least when things build, and since we're talking about an entire operating system stack for these images that doesn't always hold. The devel repositories not only include our own work, but also new work done by the Mer community. Sometimes it can get a bit chaotic.


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