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LXer 07-15-2007 05:16 AM

LXer: Misleading InformationWeek GPLv3 article
Published at LXer:

LINUS CALLS GPLv3 "A FINE CHOICE" - is a title that InformationWeek could have used for their article. It would have been very selective quoting, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for InformationWeek. Nor does pretending that old emails are new emails, or misrepresenting people. In reality, there is no news. Their article contains nothing at all that is new since GPLv3's June 29th release. I thought this clarification was worthwhile because Slashdot has now featured that article, and from looking at the comments, it seems that most readers have been fooled into thinking this is some new statement from Linus.


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