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LXer 06-21-2007 07:47 AM

LXer: Linux: Introducing Bugs
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In another thread discussing the tracking of kernel regressions [story], Linux creator Linus Torvalds noted that the kernel is evolving so quickly it is inevitable that bugs will be introduced. He used a git query to determine that there are an average of over 65 patches being committed every single day, "that translates to five hundred commits a week, two _thousand_ commits per month, and 25 thousand commits per year. As a fairly constant stream. Will mistakes happen? Hell *yes*." He continued on to add, "and I'd argue that any flow that tries to 'guarantee' that mistakes don't happen is broken. It's a sure-fire way to just frustrate people, simply because it assumes a level of perfection in maintainers and developers that isn't possible


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