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LXer 01-26-2006 08:16 AM

LXer: Linux: Genuinely Trustworthy Computing
Published at LXer:

Who controls your computer? If it's a Windows computer, not you. I swear I'll puke if I read one more cheery press release touting "Trustworthy Computing." Richard Stallman strips away the Newspeak and calls it "Treacherous Computing." old Linux geeks and other Free/Open Source Software users see the whole security issue as ridiculous, akin to devoting massive resources to developing bigger and better waders, instead of simply climbing out of the sewer. Call me cranky, but it sure seems stupid to continue to entrust one's data and business to a proven leaky, malware-friendly, anti-customer platform like Microsoft Windows.


mikieboy 01-26-2006 08:59 AM

Windows® sucks! And since you've raised the subject of misleading information, we have a TV advert in the UK which spouts on about how much Microsoft® does for our school children's education and shows loads of happy schoolkids sat at brand new PCs. If it wasn't for the millions of pounds spent by the Education Authorities on Microsoft® licences for our schools, perhaps they could afford tp replace some of the outdated computers that the schoolkids actually have to use! Maybe we should lobby our MPs to take up Open Source software.

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