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LXer 12-14-2005 05:31 AM

LXer: Linux: Dropping Support for GCC 2.95
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<p>Four months ago a debate on the<a href="" target="new">lkml</a> suggested that support for GCC 2.95 would be around for a long time [<a href="">story</a>], but a more recent thread suggests otherwise. 2.6 maintainer Andrew Morton put together a small patch to remove support for 2.95, and discussion continued to explore which versions of GCC 3.x should be supported. Andrew explained:</p><blockquote><p>"2.95.x is basically buggered at present. There's one scsi driver which doesn't compile due to weird __VA_ARGS__ tricks and the rather useful scsi/sd.c is currently getting an ICE. None of the new SAS code compiles, due to extensive use of anonymous unions. The V4L guys are very good at exploiting the gcc-2.95.x macro expansion bug (_why_ does each driver need to implement its own debug macros?) and various people keep on sneaking in anonymous unions.</p><p>"It's time to give up on it and just drink more coffee or play more tetris or something, I'm afraid."</p></blockquote>


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