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LXer 12-09-2005 05:49 PM

LXer: Linux Administrator - Need a Job?
Published at LXer:

Need a job? Are you a Linux Administrator with experience in Red Hat Linux through to the latest Enterprise versions? Well somebody in Steeton, West Yorkshire is looking for you. <br><br> You need to know: DNS, DHCP, NTP, FTP, NIS, Scripting and TCP-IP Networking. Of course you also need to possess: Good Documentation and Communication skills. Oops. techies with communication skills - there they go again. <br><br>Here's the real kicker: It would be advantageous to possess:<br><br> * CVS, Clearcase and Windows Administration skills<br> * CISCO networking or Red Hat Certification This is an opportunity for somebody looking to join a progressive, exciting company with the ability to take responsibility for the growing number of Linux Desktop servers within a multi-platform environment. <b>Linux Desktop servers?</b> Hello?<br><br> We've written about this in the past. Note the <b> Windows Administration skills</b> requirement. And these employers wonder why they can't find Linux talent.<br><br> It's not a lack of Linux talent, stupid. It's your unrealistic expectations. You should have stopped at Linux administrator and stop asking for all these other skills the person will never use. Do you ask the same questions of Windows administrators? No.


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