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LXer 06-12-2010 07:50 AM

LXer: KDE: Join the Game or Watch the Game?
Published at LXer:

LinuxTag 2010 is going on right now in Berlin, one of--if not the--most influential annual European Linux tech events. There's a lot of community energy at a show like LinuxTag, which is why KDE e.V, the foundation dedicated to supporting the KDE interface, probably chose LinuxTag as the platform from which to launch their latest community membership drive. Under the name "Join the Game," KDE e.V. is inviting new individual supporting members to join the organization for 100 Euro/year, to help support their ongoing and expanding programs. If that's all you want to do--and supporting KDE is worthy in and of itself--US$121 (under current exchange rates) is a reasonable amount to help support the development this popular and useful desktop interface. But is this really community building?


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