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LXer 07-24-2013 10:00 AM

LXer: Is LPI certification losing ground? Linux Career Skills Watch update
Published at LXer:

The Linux Career IT Skills Watch brings to you the updated statistics, which refer to the period between May and Jun 2013. The results of research reflect up to date, approximate IT skills demand leaning towards the Linux and Unix environment. The biggest drop was made by the LPI certification, which seems to be losing ground in comparison to other major certification providers. The reason for this could be the generic nature of the LPI certification, which does not appear to be very appealing for many employers right now.


szboardstretcher 07-24-2013 10:22 AM

I think that education on a subject is wonderful and everyone should go out and get that education. And certification? Fine, because that entails a lot of training and education.

But Certification for proof that you know what you are doing,.. I find it useless when hiring. I have found, personally, that my favorite approach to hiring is this:

Quick glance at skills
Quick chat on phone
Drop a few questions - Whats the difference between UDP/TCP? What would the command 'ss' do? How many bits in a byte?
If i'm satisfied that it is a candidate im interested in -- "SSH to this box and install and configure nginx, dnsmasq, php, and mysql to work according to the requirements on
If they can do that, I will schedule an additional onsite interview that consists of a similar test, in front of me.

Certifications -- I've had plenty of people that obviously cheated, that had certifications.

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