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LXer 02-10-2013 06:00 AM

LXer: Fuduntu 2013.1 review - Fedora done right + awesome!
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Fuduntu is a very strange distribution. It's based on Fedora, but tries to be more user-friendly, sort of like Ubuntu. Then, the big difference between Fuduntu and other RedHat-based distributions like CentOS and Scientific is that it aims specifically for the desktop crowd, bringing you the latest kernel technologies and apps.My last experience with it was ok, but there were some problems in the overall integration, some visual glitches, a handful of unnecessary programs, plus some plugin quirks. All in all, it was okay. Now, there's a new version that I want to test, and it's labeled 2013.1. For those of you who like small-print, you will like the idea of Gnome 2, full functionality out of the box, a semi-rolling-release-like model, optimization for laptops, and a handful of highly popular mainstream programs bundled with the distribution. There, follow me.


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