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LXer 12-20-2005 01:01 AM

LXer: Do-It Yourself Computing: Installation and Display
Published at LXer:

Helping the Small Office/Home Office user migrate to Open Source is the purpose of this site. We advocate Open Source primarily for the sake of freedom (libre), but we also believe it will save you money (gratis). If your business can afford high-end computing, then go for it. On purely economic grounds, that could be the best option for some. However, for many of us there is more to life than that. Ours is a labor of love, and computers are simply one of the most important tools in that labor. Because of that, we tend to have smaller budgets, which means older machines and free software. There's something about quality and excellence which causes us to ignore the concept of billable hours. We are willing to become low-level experts in Open Source technology, because it's worth our time. Though we often find ourselves somewhere between the developers and end users, we are altogether willing to invite the latter to join us.


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