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LXer 08-10-2009 11:00 AM

LXer: Distro Review: Crunchbang 9.04.01
Published at LXer:

My next stop on this journey is Crunchbang 9.04.01; a distribution Iíve used only briefly in the past, but one that many of my friends both use and like. Itís a British Ubuntu-based development and largely the work of one man, Phillip Newborough AKA Corenominal. What started life as his pet project has grown to become a very popular Linux distro in itís own right. I even have something of an interesting personal connection with it, I inadvertently named the eeePC variant Cruncheee on the Linux Outlaws podcast. So how would I find a week with #! (thatís the abbreviation they use btw) as my main desktop. Letís find outÖ


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