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LXer 06-06-2009 06:10 AM

LXer: Computex: Where Are ARM and Android-Based Netbooks?
Published at LXer:

Leading up to Computex, I heard a lot of hype about netbooks running Android and machines, about the size of a netbook, running an ARM-based processor like those used in most phones, rather than the traditional x86 processor used in most PCs. So, I walked around the show floor looking for such machines and came back pretty disappointed. For the most part, the PCs on display at Computex reflected a "Wintel" world. Every PC vendor showcased a wide variety of Windows machines, and most were really pushing Windows 7, following Microsoft's own push. I was looking for some Android-based netbooks but found only one, sitting in a glass box in Acer's booth. The netbook had just a static screen—and a small one at that—running on an older Aspire One netbook model, so it wasn't very impressive.


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