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LXer 01-10-2006 03:16 AM

LXer: CES 2006: Skype’s Steamroller
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Vendors demonstrated everything from a mobile Skype Wi-Fi phone to the ability to support Skype calling through a media center (Yes, making a Skype call through your TV). Netgear ( took the high-profile lead with the rollout of NETGEAR's Skype Wi-Fi phone. The phone will deliver a “Skype Experience” over any open Wi-Fi access point without having to be tethered to a laptop or PC, so it can be used anywhere with wireless access. The NETGEAR phone is pre-loaded with Skype software and is ready to be used with a wireless network, leaving the user to simply enter a Skype username and password. More information on the Skype Wi-Fi phone, including pricing and availability, will be announced in the first quarter of 2006.


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