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LXer 07-31-2012 09:11 AM

LXer: Big biz 'struggling' to dump Windows XP
Published at LXer:

I've spent a lot of my last year in and out of hospitals...both with my own problems as well as Diane's. One thing I noticed almost immediately is that every computer screen I saw was running Microsoft Windows XP Professional. With the numbers quoted in the following article, the cost of migrating large enterprises over to Windows 7, one would think switching to Linux might be the answer. Not according to an IT guy at Seton Williamson Hospital in Round Rock. I shook my head as I hung up the phone, realizing just what an uphill battle he faces, either way he goes. Switching to Linux would probably save them money in comparison, but getting vendors and other business associates in synch would be a nightmare. All they can do, seemingly, is pour their money into the Microsoft Monopoly and curse the cost of doing business.


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