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LXer 03-14-2009 04:50 PM

LXer: Auto-Unlock Keyring Manager In Ubuntu Intrepid
Published at LXer:

If you have set your Ubuntu machine to auto-login everytime you start your computer, you will find that as soon as you reach your desktop, the keyring manager will automatically pop up and ask you for the password to unlock itself and retrieve the key to connect to the wireless connection. The keyring manager is integrated with Gnome such that when you login from the main screen, it will automatically unlock itself as well. However, if you use the auto-login function, Gnome will skip the keyring manager process and log the user in without unlocking the keyring manger.


OldYogi 05-03-2009 04:01 PM

Update for Ubuntu 9.04
In Jaunty System/Preferences/Encryption and Keyrings brings up a window which doesn't offer the option of altering the default keyring password.

To get to that option, you need to:

Open the Nautilus File Browser

Right click on a file

Choose Encrypt

Click OK, to start the Passwords and Encryption Keys Program

Click on the Passwords tab

It should show "Passwords: login". Rightclick on that, and select "change password"

Now you should be able to enter a blank for the password

It works.

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