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Adriann 03-29-2005 10:35 PM

Yast Root Login
I normally log in to my Suse 9.1 system as Adriann i.e user. When I needed to do
things as root, I click switch user, I am then prompted for a user id (root) my pass
word and then I would be in my root desktop. In one of these sessions I, when
prompted for my password entered it, then clicked administration, I was again
prompted for the password and when I clicked login I was sent to YAST instead
of my root desktop. I am now unable to log into my root desktop at all.

How do I correct my mistake so I can get my root desktop back???



PS - Yes I know I messed up :-(
:newbie: :rolleyes:

abisko00 03-30-2005 03:03 AM

Why do you want a root desktop? It is not recommended to work as root in a graphical environment. There are too many things that may go wrong. There are certain security settings to prevent this and make a root login impossible. However I am not sure where to change them.

You have several options for using YaST when you are logged in as normal user. The command 'kdesu' starts all kde applications with root permissions (e.g. 'kdesu yast2'). This is actually the same as if you started YaST by clicking the button in your KDE menu. You may also become root on command-line, using the su (switch user) command.

Sorry that I cannot help with your actual problem.

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