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Crito 07-26-2005 04:38 PM

YaST Network Card Config Tool Lockup
Another YaST gripe, using their network card config tool locks up my system solid, requiring a hard reboot. It's always at the inital stage where it says "detecting network interfaces" or something like that. On the plus side, I've had to shutdown dirty so many times because of YaST I now feel very confident using ResierFS. :o

Anyway, it configures my NICs wrong, always using the Atheros wireless card as default, even if I turn off the antenna by external switch and it can't connect to anything. So everytime I boot up I have to open konsole and:

ifdown ath0
ifdown eth0
ifup eth0

and then everything works properly. Once again YaST makes the CLI seem easier than using their GUI. :(

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