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wiliamvw 02-25-2013 07:08 PM

yast installer doesn't install
opensuse 11.4 GoBook IX250
Have followed all pre-requisites for installing Apache OO.o 3.4; have followed to completion the command line instructions for this install - and with two different procedures have received notice that "install complete": but it not there [have NO other office suite installed]; have had the YAST installer itself complete install and list "done" configuration -- and still nothing in software list of installs or among applications.
Upon the YAST install, have gotten list of abnormalities during install:
Additional rpm output Unknown media type in type: 'virtual/blue-devil-input'
'uril/mms' 'uri/mmst' 'all/all' 'all/allfiles' 'interface/x-winamp-skin' and a few others. Have no idea where they came from or what they refer to; but yast did say it was installed and configured, so it should be there.
As OO.o is a mandatory app for my work, may have to switch OS [after over a decade with opensuse] to one with OO.o as its primary office suite [know of any? no other resource is important]
Hope someone has some ideas on this.

John VV 02-25-2013 08:04 PM

First off OpenSUSE 11.4 is an unsupported version
it went "End Of Life" back in November of 2012

please stay current and install OpenSUSE 12.2
or in a few weeks OpenSUSE 12.3


Have followed all pre-requisites for installing Apache OO.o 3.4
what instructions ?
Please post a link to it

the "openoffice" - from the Apache org

you might want to install "patterns-OpenSUSE-office"
but the 11.4 repos are UNSUPPORTED

wiliamvw 02-28-2013 02:24 PM

Nothing exotic, just the pre-requisites as per the 'readme', and having all other office suites removed first, and the use of the Linux 32-bit version via the sourceforge download [and updated Java, having Gail, etc. -- all routine]. Can see the instructions for command line install by going to Apache OpenOffice site. But even if had employed something unusual, that still wouldn't account for getting confirmed "installed' via the commandline installs, and the Yast installer performing routine install right down to configuration completion -- but having nothing there.
My own guess is that some disc activity that I saw happening without anything to explain it, was a repeat of some outside sabotage which I have experienced in the past, but am no expert in these matters, and have hoped that there was some more normal - and repairable - explanation. As the lack of other replies implies that that is not the case, then to forego such office suite blockages in the future will have to switch to an OS which uses AOO as its standard suite upon install [still hoping someone can give me a lead on that -- as said, no other function is of any serious concern]; may try some purchased AOO install cds and see how that goes [but yast wouldn't install a burned cd with the suite on it, so can't be sure of outcome].

By the way, must assume that you have contributed to the openSUSE 12 series, as most users of my acquaintance, like myself, find that no new series is reliable until the .3 or .4 version, and as the 12 series skipped 12.0, then that means should wait until at least 12.3, and probably 12.4, before even considering making a switch from this very stable 11.4. That suse has already abandoned maintainance on 11.4 is simply a shame on their reputation.

Thanks for your attention, Bil VERCH [wiliamvw]

John VV 02-28-2013 02:57 PM

if you used the OO rpm tgz
there are TWO folders in the main folder ( not counting the second download of the "Help" files )
there is the main folder that the install instructions have you use rpm to install
then for the second part of the install
you "cd" into the "desktop integration " folder and run rpm with suse* in the line
as per the install instructions
( mind you this is from memory ) so read the install instructions

if you want the opensuse menu integration you MUST install the suse package in the folder IN the main OO folder

if you want LONG term support buy SELD 11 sp 2
opensuse only supports the last two versions

see the opensuse "lifetime" wiki page

wiliamvw 03-01-2013 02:13 PM

all was completed
Thanks again John W. for your attention; did cd to 'desktop integration' and did run the suse line.
As said, everything indicated that the install was properly completed.
If anyone knows of an OS having OO [AOO or even an earlier OO.o version] as standard part of the install, please let me know; does appear Vector Linux has the OO.o as part of deluxe SOHO set in a second cd, but would prefer it as the main install suite, if anyone knows of such an OS.

John VV 03-01-2013 02:43 PM

onensuse 12.2 has by default goffice , koffice and libreoffice3.6 in the repos
you can install the rpm libreoffice4 package from there web site
or from the opensuse repos

i had zero issues a few months back installing LO3.6 using the rpm download from the libreoffice website
on opensuse12.2

wiliamvw 03-04-2013 04:27 PM

can only use OO
Apparently, I wasn't sufficiently clear concerning my not having any office suite in place; but that was intentional so as to not cause problems for any AOO install [it is recommended to clear older suites]. As I had installed openSUSE 11.4, naturally Libreoffice was automatically installed also; in fact had a hard time completely removing [and keeping removed] the Libreoffice. I have multidecade projects ongoing for whuch ONLY OO is useable.

John VV 03-04-2013 08:51 PM


By the way, must assume that you have contributed to the openSUSE 12 series, as most users of my acquaintance, like myself, find that no new series is reliable until the .3 or .4 versio nand as the 12 series skipped 12.0,
well if you want to use a version of opensuse for 1.5 YEARS that will have known and unfixed security holes
and no new updates to fix code -- have fun
novell and opensuse devs put out solid 11.1,12.1 versions

PS. there is NO Opensuse 12.0 , nor was there a opensuse11.0
there has never been a ?.0 ( point zero )version

however you might be best served buying SELD 11 , for the long term support

leaving the fact that Openoffice 3.4 is 99.999% identical to Libreoffic 3.4 ( icons and some themes are different)
and that Opensuse 11.4 is unsupported

getting back yo the very odd parts of the first post
The oo rpms have zero need of "x-winamp-skin"
windowsport of xamp skin

using the yast gui will want to install something from the online reops
so i am guessing you have a mish-mash of repos installed that have conflicts
and there are a bunch unresolved ones

with 11.4 past EOL this should output that there is "nothing to do "

su -
zypper update

if it dose not then fix the errors that are outputted

then uninstall any old openoffice before reinstalling

su -
zypper remove openoffice* ooobasis*

clean up any leftover mess in
and and "." files in your ~/ folder

do not use the GUI "install and remove software" in yast

use the "rpm" command for OO

su -
--- your root password when asked for ---
cd /To/The/LocationYou/Extracted/It /To
-- example --
cd /home/YourUserName/Downloads/en-US/RPMS/

rpm -Uvh *.rpm
cd desktop-integration
rpm -Uvh *suse*.rpm

wiliamvw 03-07-2013 04:58 PM

Thanks again JOHN W, you've given a logical option to check out and I appreciate the time you've put into these replies; I have been looking into SLED with its SP2, and do believe will give it a try.
[am a very oldtime suse user, and while was no 11.0, there was a 10.0]

wiliamvw 04-30-2013 06:06 PM

solved -- sort of
Finally got AOO 3.4 installed, but had to use cd from on-disc to do it. Also had to delete Ocular to avoid annoyance as despite reusing OO for my files. suse would never actually use it as a presented option while had anything else installed. Read one reviewer saying SUSE was broken, but could be fixed. I always felt it could never refer to YAST, but guess nothing perfect. 'Broken' I assume means not all tie-ins or either/or branches in place for efficient operation. But still find suse most comfortable, and familiar. Thanks for everyone's help.

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