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tristaoh 06-13-2007 08:34 AM

wwwrun user cronjobs don't run
Hoping for some tips and tricks...

I want to run a script under the wwwrun user, but this seems impossible.
I'm succeeding in installing the crontab for wwwrun, but then the script scheduled doesn't seem to run.

Another problem is, that I cannot use su nor sudo to become the wwwrun user. No error message what so-ever after I try the command (as root) "su wwwrun", but after entering the "whoami" command I'm still root.

I believe these problems are related, and are quite possibly features by design and to do with system user type accounts, but (after hours of googling on the subject) I haven't found a clue how to re-configure the system to fit my purpose.

I'm experiencing this problem with OpenSuse 10.2 and SLES 9 (haven't tried other SuSE versions).
These problems don't occur when I try these similar actions under Slackware (11.0) albeit not with the same user or UID (slackware uses nobody as the user to run Apache)

tristaoh 06-15-2007 06:13 PM

found work-around
After another evening trying to solve the challenge, I found a workable solution.
Just added the next line to /etc/crontab
xx yy * * * wwwrun /path/to/testscript

Specifying the user (wwwrun) to run the script at this location works
as opposed to of having a dedicated crontab for that (system)user.

I guess RTFM :study: is still of value afterall, since it was more or less just there in the Suse system documentation @ good old :)

Still, I keep finding it strange that it cannot be done with a dedicated crontab.
I came to believe it has something to do with PAM, something as in:
if uid < 100 then disable commands from respective crontab.
if user shell=/bin/false then prevent su to this user.

Don't have enough knowledge of PAM (nor the patience to learn PAM down to this level) though.
Any comments?

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