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howone 10-18-2005 03:21 PM

Video Playback-speeded up audio & video
Hope someone can help me with this as it's bugging the hell out of me!
I've just installed SUSE 10.0 and up to now i'm really happy with it.My only problem so far is the speed of the video.I've got Mplayer,Realplayer and Kaffeine installed,Kaffeine doesn't seem to wanna do anything,which i'm not too bothered about,but Realplayer and Mplayer both have the same problem,the video and sound are both playing back too fast.Whatever format i try they're the same(i've tried .mov,.wmv,.avi and real files.)All the codecs I want are installed and appear to be working apart from this.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hzb0402 10-20-2005 01:24 AM

I don't know why it is playing so fast in any media player..

In mplayer ,there is some key to control the speed of playing back..

[ and ]
Decreases/increases current playback speed by 10%.
{ and }
Halves/doubles current playback speed.

I hope it is a litter useful for you..

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