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NanoJock 02-23-2005 12:24 PM

Updating Software (Yast vs. Apt)
Hi all!,
I am a Suse newbie (although I have used linux for about 3 years). So far I have been using Yast to install packages but now I can't figure out how to update to newer versions. I added Packman to the Yast source list and installed some stuff from there. I just added Guru to the source list and I know that there are updated packages but I can't get Yast to see that. How do you update packages that you have already installed via "Install and Remove Software".
I have used apt-get a lot in the past (Fedora and Debian) and I am wondering if I should just forget using Yast and use apt instead. Fedora has this war going on between repositories (Fedora Extras/ and FreshRPMS/DAG/ATrpms) that has really turned me off there. But if Yast isn't going to handle updates very well I am comfortable using synaptic. Any suggestions?


BTW How do you tell which sections of are OK (stable) to use and which are not (i.e. Kernel-of-the-Day). The directions say to be careful but don't tell you how to tell.

musicman_ace 02-23-2005 12:29 PM

SusE has to approve them, I'd like to get firefox 1.0, but they haven't added that to their yast-sources(9.1) yet. They are a little slow in my opinion about getting new versions approved for yast upgrades

NanoJock 02-23-2005 01:04 PM

Thanks for the reply musicman_ace. How about with Packman and Guru?


Xian 02-23-2005 05:57 PM

Personally, I use Apt (w/Synaptic) for any updates outside of the major package sections like KDE or Gnome. I do this because I like to have access to a lot of the third party packages and you just can't do that with YaST to the same extent that you can with Apt. So, basically I use SuSE's supplemental update mirrors to notch up on desktop environment versions, and then use Apt for whatever else I desire to include.

However, this is NOT a recommendation as third party packages can and do break base systems. I've done it myself on several occasions. I would only advise that similar actions to mine be taken by people that do not mind fixing things that used to work properly (that's the best way I can phrase it I think). You will be doing this.

That said, here is my current sources.list from /etc/apt/.
It hasn't demolished anything recently. :)


# Uncomment the line below, in case you want to use SuSE's patch rpms.
# Read the information about patch rpms at

# rpm SuSE/9.2-i386 update-prpm security-prpm

# A very basic sources.list line. Fastest repository first.
# Remove "base" in case you are behind a
# slow connection. Fastest repository first.
# Visit the server to determine which apt components are provided.

rpm SuSE/9.2-i386 update suser-guru suser-scorot packman packman-i686 rpmkeys base misc kde suser-rbos suser-tcousin suser-ollakka funktronics security

#rpm SuSE/9.2-i386 base update security

# The list with all available components can be found at:
# Some components provide experimental software, select wisely!

# Consult the link above if you want to include uri's for src rpms


Xian 02-23-2005 06:25 PM

Oh, almost forgot. This is the best place to learn about Apt on SuSE:
The Advance Package Tool For SuSE

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