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fireedo 12-26-2005 08:38 PM

Update kernel SUSE 10 with factory-kernel
is it safe to make update kernel update using SUSE-factory kernel? but I'm wondering about kernel default nonGPL because I cant upgrade it from SUSE-factory?
So what if I remove Kernel default non GPL?
and what about if I also upgrade GCC? it is safe?
right now my SUSE 10 is half turning into SUSE 10.1 because KDE and other packages already upgraded to suse-factory

any idea?

rjwilmsi 12-27-2005 09:12 AM

I updated from 2.6.13-15.7-default to 2.6.15-rc6-git2-20051223230007-default by downloading the kernel-default RPM from
. If you use the 64 bit version of SUSE then you'll need to use those ones, and you will need to update all kernel versions you're using (default, nonGPL, debug etc.) at once to avoid dependency issues.

Kernel upgrades can go wrong so backup your files before upgrading.

Jongi 02-02-2006 03:00 PM

If you do a kernel upgrade via YOU do you need to backup the old Kernel or is it automatically done?

If you do a upgrade as rjwilmsi has done, what files should you backup?

rjwilmsi 02-02-2006 04:05 PM

I have the install CDs, so the original kernel is on them, and any security patches for it are available through YOU.

Jongi 02-04-2006 03:06 AM

I want to know if a backup is kept so I can add it as one of the grub options.

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