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anurnberg 03-14-2007 03:32 PM

truecrypt and SLED 10
Hi everybody,

I installed truecrypt and encrypted a usb drive using a Windows XP system. I need to use it on my Linux system, but when giving the commands, this is what I get:

Enter password for '/dev/sda1':
insmod: error inserting '/usr/share/truecrypt/kernel/truecrypt-2.6.16.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module
FATAL: Module truecrypt not found.
truecrypt: Failed to load TrueCrypt kernel module

Can anyone help me understand and fix this?



stress_junkie 03-14-2007 08:48 PM

I would download the True Crypt source code and compile it. It's extremely easy. You should probably try to uninstall the version that you installed. I'm guessing that you installed an RPM for SuSE. You should be able to use YaST to uninstall the software. Then follow these steps.

Download the source code. It will come in a file called Unzip it with gunzip. That will create a subdirectory called truecrypt-source. That directory will contain a file called truecrypt-4.2a-source-code.tar.gz. Extract that file using the tar command. That will create a subdirectory called truecrypt-4.2a. This directory will have several directories. Change to the directory named Linux and run the file. That should do it. Here are the commands.

# Unzip the file that you downloaded named

# Extract the resulting source file named truecrypt-4.2a-source-code.tar.gz
cd truecrypt-source
tar xzvpf truecrypt-4.2a-source-code.tar.gz

# Compile the source code and install the application
cd truecrypt-4.2a/Linux

It's easier than the explanation sounded.

As far as understanding the problem, evidently there is an "Unknown symbol in module /usr/share/truecrypt/kernel/truecrypt-2.6.16.ko". :)

anurnberg 03-15-2007 01:48 PM

Thanks a lot, I followed your advice and here is the answer...

linux-alex:/usr/src/truecrypt-4.2a/Linux # ./
Checking installation requirements...
Checking build requirements...
Linux kernel ( source directory [/usr/src/linux]:
Error: /usr/src/linux does not exit
Error: Build failed - installation aborted
linux-alex:/usr/src/truecrypt-4.2a/Linux #

At this point I am a bit lost... :)

Any clue on how to solve this?

Thanks for your help and patience,


stress_junkie 03-15-2007 09:12 PM


Error: /usr/src/linux does not exit
This means that you do not have the kernel source code on your computer. You need to install the kernel sources. You can do this with YaST. Start YaST. Open software management. Search for the word "kernel". You should see a list of packages. Install the kernel sources by selecting them and clicking "ok" or "apply" or whatever YaST is using these days. I forget. :)

anurnberg 03-16-2007 09:34 AM

great, thanks a lot!!! :)b

stress_junkie 03-16-2007 03:44 PM

Did you get True Crypt installed and working? :)

anurnberg 05-16-2008 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by stress_junkie (Post 2672950)
Did you get True Crypt installed and working? :)

Yes thank you :)

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