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tisource 02-07-2005 05:15 PM

SUSE MD5 checksum for DVD ISO refuses to match
Okay....this is a wierd question, but I really need to know what other users are doing.

I have downloaded the SUSE DVD ISO 4 times (full-blown, offline install ISO).... and I get the same MD5... but it is different than the MD5 that Novell/SUSE has given.

I need it for a computer that doesn't have an internet connection, so having the entire DVD ISO image is a must. Otherwise, the FTP method (which downloads only the needed packages) would probably suffice.

This is the MD5 I get:

And this is the ISO SUSE claims I should have:

I have downloaded the ISO 4 times, and generated md5 sums twice each (one with md5summer for win32 and once on a linux server). I get the same MD5.

I also get the exact number of bytes that SUSE claims the file should be.

This is the server(s) I have downloaded from are here:

Should I be worried? In the past, when I have had bad md5 sums, the CDs I burned from the ISOs were always bad (there's obviously a reason for md5).

tisource 02-07-2005 05:26 PM

Never mind.... SUSE's ISO was based on text mode. Both my earlier tests were using binary mode.

I use text mode, and I get the right md5.

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