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tirla 12-19-2005 05:37 AM

Suse Linux 10.0 Java: default charset
I've installed Linux 10.0 with tomcat and java.
All is working just fine, except a little problem, for which I can't find a solution:
I've set RC_LANG to de_DE@euro, but java uses ASCII instead of ISO8859-15 for my web-applications, so my german umlaute (,,) are displayed as questionmarks.
I've tried different versions of java, so it's no java version problem.
I hadn't got this problem under Suse Linux 9.2 and .3.

Where comes this ASCII from and where can I change it??

tirla 12-21-2005 04:53 AM

I've found the solution :)
My locales didn't apply to the user tomcat, who's running my tomcat5.
tomcats language was set zu en_US, therefore the ASCII.
Another way to get around the problem would be, to update to java and set
-Dfile.encoding in /usr/share/tomcat/bin/
(java 1.4.2 has a problem with Dfile.encoding)

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