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nick1 03-17-2005 04:08 PM

SuSE installed with Win2k & WinXP?

I'm a newbie to the linux world so bare with me.

I have a Dell Latitude D800 Laptop with Win2k Pro & WinXP installed on it.
WinXP is installed on C: with 30GB of space. Win2k Pro is installed on D: with 15GB of space. I have a third parition (E:) that is 15GB and not formatted yet.
I was thinking about installing SuSE 9.1 Personal on it. However, before i attempt to do this and melt my laptop, I thought i'd ask you guys for some advice. This can be done without taking a high amount of risk, right? Is there a certain order in which the operating systems need to be installed (ex: install SuSE first, then Win2k, then WinXP)? After the installation of SuSE is complete, i'll still be able to choose which O.S. i want to boot, right? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


mjrich 03-17-2005 04:29 PM

Yes, but I would still back up anything important. (I have never lost anything while setting up a dual/triple boot yet, but there's always a first !).

SuSE should automatically detect your two windows partitions, and give you the option to install into the spare 15 Gb partition (most likely creating a small swap partition inside it also). The order in which to do this is windows first, followed by Linux, as you're already on the way to doing.

Good luck :)



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