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Conficio 10-15-2004 01:46 PM

SuSE Control Center - Yast Source
Hi there,
can anybody confirm or explain the following on SuSE 8.2.

I try to catch the latest KDE (3.3.0 and later 3.3.1) and therefore have a second source to the server for the KDE supplementary KDE package added to my source list.

But when ever I use YOU or go to the Install Software tab, it does not show the availability of a new package.

However, when I change the source to a mirror, then I immediately see the packages and can upgrade. To clarify not the particular mirror is different, in what packages it has (I checked the content and it appeared to be identical), the change of source is triggering the effect.

By the way should You include the secondary source? Or do I need to use "Install Software" in order to upgrade my supplementary package.

Thanks for any feedback


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