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coverdad 12-06-2012 03:31 PM

SUSE 10 boot to GUI failure
I am a Linux novice intent on learning and eventually migrating my PCs over to it as OS of choice. Thanks in advance to all on this forum.

While "training" (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1) I added new user using YaST and must have made error because now boots to CLI login.
After logging in CLI shows: user@linux-thh7:~>
I tried "telnit 5" at this point, but get "command not found". Used "startx" and GUI is initiated ok (but initial startup screens are a little different than before). However, YaST does not function correctly now. I can start YaST, but making selection and double clicking does not do anything.

During bootup system showing following skipped services in runlevel 3: nfs, gpm, microcode, powersaved, smbfs, suseRegister, ypbind, and autofs.

Have scoured the forum for solutions but no joy. Any instructions on how to repair these problems (and info on what I messed up) greatly appreciated.

wagscat123 12-06-2012 04:25 PM

Try typing in init 5 rather than the older telinit and see if it works any better. If you were typing in telnet, that's why your command wasn't found.
If you set up automatic login for the new user and something is wrong wit the user account, that could also play a part in what's wrong.

FYI - SLE 10 is dated (Linux evolves much more rapidly than Windows) and meant more for enterprises (although I started on Linux with that exact kit 5 years ago). I recommend you try openSUSE 12.2. Best of luck on Linux!

John VV 12-06-2012 08:08 PM

if possible you should use a current operation system
SELD 11 is the current
ALSO "SUSE Enterprise Desktop " is NOT free .
You MUST buy a license from Novell !!!


install ( if possible ) the FREE and CURRENT OpenSUSE 12.2


I added new user using YaST and must have made error because now boots to CLI login.
suse has been a bit ( shall we say "ODD" ) with just HOW the run level setting is SET and just where it is set
3 for text and 5 for GUI

but the old seld 10 "should be in /etc/inittab
but one of the novell start up scripts might be overriding it

now HOW in the yast GUI did you add a new user ,and and WHAT user ?
if a normal everyday user there should not have been a problem

did you by chance DELETE the old user ?

posting the ERROR LOG or just reading the error log to see WHAT is there about the issue

the old SELD10 "should " have a command line test editor installed "nano"
or VI
Vi is a bit VERY complicated but usable for a novice

so AS ROOT log in using the text only boot
and navagate to the error logs
" cd == change directory "
"ls== a list command " to get the names in the folder
"boot.0.log == ??? should be the name of the boot log file "

cd /var/log
nano boot.0.log
--- or if nano is not installed
vi boot.0.log

coverdad 12-06-2012 09:33 PM

Appreciate both responses. Will take advice and install current version of Linux on my "training" machine ASAP, which distro still to be determined. Based on John W's comments, I'm sure the problem is the result of my adding and then deleting users in Yast user management. I attempted to add me as new user (with root privilege) and delete a previous "normal" user, while also keeping one other/original root user. I will continue the learning journey and examine the error logs using CLI text editor as recommended. Thanks.

John VV 12-06-2012 10:11 PM


I attempted to add me as new user (with root privilege)
not good

there should ONLY be 1,ONE,UNO "root" user

use "sudo" or "su" or "su -"
to become "root" from the normal user

all three of the above do things differently
but "sudo" MUST be manually configured and set up

coverdad 12-06-2012 11:01 PM

Never to forget: only ONE root user. Using "man" to understand "sudo", "su" and "su -". Learning is all good. Thanks again.

coverdad 12-09-2012 03:27 PM

Last update on this thread: JohnVV and Wagscat123 your advice has been taken - hit the community web sites hard to compare distributions and have updated my HP 2133 Netbook to Lubuntu 12.2 and an old (2002 era P-III/512Mb) laptop to Ubuntu 10.4.4LS for performance testing. I also have openSUSE 12.2 ISO standing by to test on a more modern Celeron (1.6GHz/1Gb)laptop. Its been a great week of "fire hose" style learning and will never go back to windows.

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