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1kyle 05-12-2008 04:03 AM

SUSE 10.3 64 bit - No sound (Realtek HD audio)or Video KDETV
Hi everyone

I've installed 10.3 64 bit on a few different laptops --everything worked flawlessly including SOUND.

I build myself a new desktop with a Gigabyte Mobo which has Realtek HD audio on board and installed an express pci nvidia GEforce 8400GS video card.

Installed SUSE 10.3 64 bit on the desktop. No install probs --seemed to find all the hardware including SATA disks, and my Hauppage Win TV card (the old one).

I can't get ANY sound even though the linux recognizes the soundcard and the tv card - tries to load the Intel driver for sound.

KDETV finds the channels but no sound / video. Get a message saying "Unable to Grab video" - then something about plugins. I'm not able to access my desktop at the moment as I'm elswhere currently so I can't post the full message.

I Can't also get DVD playing to work (installed via pacman etc - not using the SUSE hobbled version).

Windows XP (service pack 2) has no probs with sound, DVD playing or the TV card.

I have a SUSE 10.2 32 bit image which I might try but would really prefer to keep with SUSE 10.3 especially as 11.0 is coming out.

I must get SOUND working even if the TV card doesn't work --it's a really old one anyway circa 1999 so I might get a new pinnacle one with Terrestial Digital TV as well.

Anybody else got realtek HD audio to work on 10.3 64 bit.

The Windows driver is

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

driver date 18/07/2007
driver version
digital signer Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher
privider Realtek corporation
file version

The Hauppage TV card uses the BTTV 878/9 driver (Windows)

Any help greatfully appreciated.

BTW I also tried the 32 bit version of SUSE 10.3 -- still no joy.



emg 05-13-2008 09:18 AM

I had some troubles with sound on my new laptop (hp9700) using the realtek HD sound, this is how I fixed mine ... update libasound2 to 1.0.16 then reboot (<important!) then you should have sound if not (like me) I had to re-compile alsa ... once I did that and rebooted sound works great... Here is a link to update libasound2 :


Be sure its for 64bit ... I left mine runnin 32bit ... still too many unstable apps using 64bit for me... Hope this helps...

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