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BarfBag 05-18-2006 09:38 PM

Small, Unreadable Fonts
Since 9.3, the fonts have been going downhill. Every release has made them smaller. This has always been an easy fix through the KDE Control Center. That only partically fixes the problem now. It's still either unreadable or uncomfortably small in certain programs (such as that buggy little update manager). I'm starting to think this issue is because of a wrong detection during the setup. Is that possible? I've seen first boot screen shots of the way it's SUPPOST to look, and mine looks nowhere near that. If my theory is correct, what option in the setup could be causing this? Resolution? Monitor? Video card?

Just trying to clear up the mildest of my issues. :rolleyes:

jchorn 05-19-2006 12:35 AM

Re: Small, Unreadable Fonts
I have to agree you with and hope someone has a solution for this. I've tried Suse 10.0 before and went back to 9.3 because the fonts were too small. I even tried 10.1 but the fonts are the same as in version 10.0, so once again I'm back to 9.3. Have tried various configurations for my 17" Dell M781S monitor with no luck...9.3 detected and configured it properly, and the fonts are the best I've ever seen.

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