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Abunai 07-22-2011 09:46 PM

SLES v11 Recommended/Security Patch Access for Third Parties
I've been made responsible for hardening several SLES v11 boxes that I do not own (subcontracted...contracting organization is huge, unresponsive, and not helpful in my search for answers).

As part of the hardening process, I obviously have to get the recommended and security patches up to date.

The problem is, access to the patches is limited to paid subscribers, and according to someone at Novell, only the owner of the equipment can register the equipment and obtain a subscription for maintenance (which includes the patches.)

Does anyone have any experience acting as a third party Information Assurance provider? How can I get a list of Novell recommended and security patches for SLES and, as a third party, obtain download access to the patches?

I'm completely new to Novell SLES, pretty new to Linux, and somewhat new to computer security (primary job is software engineering) so be gentle.

m1qe 08-06-2011 05:26 AM


The person responsible for the contract with Novell should run the module "Novell Customer Center Configuration" from Yast and enter the proper emailaddress and code for the product. That should add all repositories needed.

After that has been done patching is easy. Just start Yast and run "Online Update".

Good luck!

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