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shamrock_uk 07-18-2006 06:45 AM

SLED10 license & package details needed
Afternoon folks,

After trialling the beta version of SLED 10, I'm really impressed and want to purchase a license to show some support.

However, this would be the first commercial distro I've tried - I have a few questions and trying to find answers on the Novell site is like running in circles of market-speak.

Could anyone who has purchased a license from Novell before enlighten me on a few questions please?

1) Do I get access to the choice of x86 and x64 versions? Can I switch between them after downloading one?

2) How exactly is the license implemented - is it like XP where I can't complete the install or use it until I input an activation code? Or do I just need the license key to access online updates etc?

3) What happens when the 1 year license runs out? Do I lose access to security updates? What about normal updates?

4) Is there anything else about the license system that I need to worry about?

Many thanks in advance :)

SMcA 07-18-2006 10:27 AM

SLED10 Licenses
Answers to your questions:

1. For SLED10, there is only 1 license that you can buy and it is good for x86 and x64.

2. You can install SLED10 without the key. In fact it does does not ask for the key during installation. You need the key to register your copy with Novell and to get updates.

3. After 1 year, you will lose access to updates that come after your license expires. The $50 is an annual subscription fee.

4. What are you worried about?

By the way, you can get 60-day trial licenses from Novell.

shamrock_uk 07-18-2006 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by SMcA
Answers to your questions:

Many thanks SMcA, that's really helpful! :-)

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