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hacksaw116 06-18-2009 06:44 PM

SLED v 10 - ldap autenticated user gets no window manager!
I am new with LDAP. Be warned! I modified the config file to be able to authenticate via LDAP on our network, and when I tried to log in via gdm it errored out saying my home directory doesnt exist.

My solution was to
sudo mkdir /home/username && chown -R username /home/username

1. Is this the correct way to implement a LDAP user on a machine? Or should I actually add the user and somehow set up the user profile to use LDAP? not sure here....

Anyways, the box let me log in once I created username's home directory, however there is no window manager when the desktop loads!

I have been firing up a terminal and running metacity to get around this, but that is getting very annoying.

2. Is there a way to add metacity to be an auto started application or is there something profoundly wrong with how I hacked this setup?

Thanks in advance!

hacksaw116 06-19-2009 09:30 PM


Is it a ghost town in SUSE land :P or was my request just sorely lacking in detail I wonder?

This is Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 out of the box installed on an AMD64 box. It runs gnome as the desktop manager. I also chose not to perform any updates on this machine because it is for technical suppport reasons only.

It seems strange that I would not get a window manager, because everything else works great. Just running metacity from a terminal gets a WM going and it persists after I close the terminal (it dies but then restarts itself)

Its not really a huge deal, but I am just wondering if anyone else knows anything about this wild behavior I am experiencing. It only occurs when I use my network LDAP login, if I use a local account on the box it all works just fine as it should.

Is my issue linked to the way I added a LDAP user to my machine? Or am I missing another piece of the puzzle here?

Anyone with experience using LDAP: What IS the recommended method of adding a LDAP authenticated user to a machine?


hacksaw116 07-02-2009 05:30 PM

Hello? Anyone?

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