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glimmersdad 05-19-2006 02:53 PM

Sendmail/Saslauthd problem/SuSE 10.0
I'm upgrading from SuSE 9.1, sendmail 8.12.10, saslauthd 2.1.18 to SuSE 10.0, sendmail 8.13.4, saslauthd 2.1.21 on a new machine so they're both running now (when the old one doesn't crash, which it does frequently).

On the old system, I've been running SMTP AUTH set up using Jon Fullmer's directions (Google "fullmer smtp auth" to find the page). On the new system, it doesn't work.

According to the output of <sendmail -d0.11>, both versions are compiled with the same options. (I'm using SuSE's builds.) And <saslauthd /status> says both saslauthd executables have the same suite of auth mechanisms (plus LDAP for the newer one).

I've run <saslauthd -d> on both systems. On the old system, when you telnet into sendmail by hand and do AUTH LOGIN, saslauthd writes to the terminal with a few lines status info as your authentication progresses. On the new system, there's no output so I conclude that sendmail is not communicating with saslauthd. Yes, I have the proper /usr/lib/sasl2/Sendmail.conf file with the line "pwcheck_method: saslauthd" on both systems. On the new system, I can run <testsaslauthd> and authenticate a user and see the -d debug info on the screen even though sendmail can't seem to connect to that same saslauthd process when I run it.

I've got the standard LOGIN PLAIN lines in

define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A')dnl

I thought this covered all the bases, but apparently I've skipped something. If you know what's missing, or need to know one more config item in order to help out, please write in.

-- Glimmersdad

gilead 05-19-2006 03:00 PM

Sorry, this isn't a more specific answer.

I used SiegeX's howto here at on 2 boxes. It might provide a way of cross-checking what you've done.

glimmersdad 05-19-2006 03:16 PM

Thanks, Steve, but I've already been through it :-) I've already spent a bunch of time on this, unfortunately. Still, I'll have another look.

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