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sriram_16a 08-18-2007 08:01 AM

Problem With Graphics Card
Guys, I am on an opensuse10.2 box.
My graphics card has not been properly by the OS. My graphics card is
VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP with 64 MB of video RAM.
oTHER SPECS: amd 3200+ PROCESSOR, Transcend 1G ddr-400 ram, 80gb sata hdd.

I would like to know basically where i would be able to find the driver/what is the name of rpm containing graphics cards' drivers.

I have3 not run heavy applications such as xgl. Simple scrolling and moving of windows around is highly rippled. Every graphics application in suse 10.0 used to work perfectly on this box. Thus, it would be sufficient if someone could tell me the name of the rpm in suse 10.0 if you know that it will work in opensuse10.2
Else, please give me the name of the rpm containing the graphics drivers.

Okie 08-18-2007 08:33 AM

have you tried to run xorgconfig while in CLI mode?

docaorckus 08-18-2007 01:08 PM

Look here:


sriram_16a 08-22-2007 05:16 AM

Thank you
I used docaorckus' method.
My graphics card is working perfectly now. But is there any way to change /etc/X11/xorg.conf (only thru manual edition) by which I can prevent my X from allowing screen resolutions that i dont want? Else, for each user and in each desktop environment I use, I need to adjust the resolutions again and again. Please dont suggest SAX or commands. I AM LOOKING FOR MANUAL TEXT EDITING METHOD.

dfowensby 08-27-2007 12:38 AM

a@user: su -
root #: gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf


root #: kedit /ect/X11/xorg.conf (depending on your wm)

farslayer 08-27-2007 09:48 AM

Perfect thread, I didn't even have to search to get my question answered. :)

I was trying to figure out why OpenSuse 10.2 wouldn't give me any option to change the driver from Vesa, while Centos 5 loaded the via driver right up when installed on the same PC.

Looks like I'll be downloading and installing this package on my Suse box tonight as well.

sriram_16a 08-28-2007 03:19 AM

to dfowensby
My question is not how to point a text editor to that location. I want to know which all lines in this file '/etc/xorg.conf' have to be modified so that i can restrict all other compatible resolutions. I use this comp for family purpose, so for each user of the family, I dont want to sit and change the default resolution and for each window manager. Therefore, I was looking for these lines as a shortcut.

farslayer 08-28-2007 10:33 PM

The Xorg.conf file is global for all users, you can set the default resolution and color depth, and remove resolutions you are not going to use.

I don't know of an easy method to automatically provide a different desktop resolution based on user login.

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