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vangelis 02-01-2005 08:53 AM

Problem Uninstalling perl-5.8.1 from YaST2
I recently wanted to install dvd::rip and after installing all the requirements except perl, i found out that i had a newer version, perl-5.8.3 and dvd::rip needed only perl-5.8.1, so i made a very smart thing(actually it was dumb) to downgrade it, even though flashing bombs from YaST2 were warning me I ignored it and installed. Now ofcourse it asks me older versions of all the requirements of perl-5.8.1. After that I decided that i sould go with prompt on trascode and install back the newer version of perl. I couldn't do that because it asked me for the suse disk, I have the personal edition and ofcourse isn't included in the cd because I installed the rpms manually. The problem isn't only that it (YaST2) returned me an error saying "perl" but every time I install another rpm is searches for the cd to install perl. Any help here? Maybe is there a way to fix this problem through command prompt? YaST2 is a very powerful tool but not perfect ofcourse. Could this be a bug and should I send it also to Novell or just fight it on my own?

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